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How brands change perception

Over time, brands have become associated with different levels of credibility, quality and satisfaction – making it easy for consumers to distinguish which products are loved or hated. For instance, think about the Coca-Cola and Pepsi rivalry – what do you prefer? Most people prefer the brand of Coke over Pepsi, but if you were to look at the sales, Pepsi is almost ahead every time. So how does it all get so confusing?

Brand perception is completely owned by consumers, not brands. Changing consumer trends and social change are crucial factors when thinking about branding and consumer engagement. At Emotional Logic we have a Brand Tracking tool that tracks the unconscious drivers of consumption, loyalty, satisfaction, and brand love. We also have a Motivations Deep Dive tool that offers a deep dive analysis into product attributes – we can even tell you how satisfactory and useful your product is in the market, your brand’s perception in the market and performance against competitors.

One recent example would be Lidl. Their brand was viewed as a provider of basic products at a cheap price, their stores were very small and in some cases even shutting down – likewise with Aldi.

However, in the recent years there has been a huge transformation. Their marketing campaigns rocketed resulting in Aldi and Lidl doubling their share of the marketing in 3 years! The β€œbig four” supermarket chain had broken and customers were shown that they weren’t a poor alternative and that their products are just as good. Their marketing campaign had changed the perception of the public – it’s now seen as the β€œin” thing to shop in Lidl and Aldi.

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