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Travel and Tourism Research

Who is visiting my destination?

Covid and other trends have influenced holidaymakers – ensure you’re advertising and marketing to the right audience by knowing your behavioural segments. We go beyond demographic profiles to help you understand the motivations and lifestyles of your visitors.

How can I drive visits to my location?

By using Behavioural Science based market research you can accurately measure the direct and indirect impact on visitor behaviour, spend, satisfaction levels and likelihood to return. We will help you identify what drives visits so you can increase visitor numbers.

Adapt to changing holiday behaviours

Understand how holiday habits have changed post-COVID and understand what will drive an increase in your footfall. We can help you refine your product and marketing strategies to appeal to the post-COVID consumer.


More visits from wider catchment


Increase in Net Promoter Score


Increase in overnight stays

Tourism research with Emotional Logic helps you deliver increased visits, net promoter score and overnight stays.

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