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Packaging Development Research

Does your pack connect with shoppers within 2 seconds?

Get shelf standout measurement that is closer to real life. Traditional 'find and click' studies deliver an inaccurate picture of shelf standout. Our advanced eye tracking technology delivers more accurate measures of pack attraction and engagement. Online or instore.


How can I convert more customers in-store?

Packaging that consumers ‘like’ does not always deliver sales. 'Likelihood to buy' questions alone are not an accurate way to predict sales success. Our sales predictor takes into account ’likelihood to buy’ as well as three other key factors. Our algorithm is proven to find the pack(s) with the highest sales potential.



Precise pack semiotics analysis

Pack messages and needstates must be clearly cued to shoppers. Your packaging testing should measure how well your designs get messages across. Our pack analysis measures all messages cued by your pack and pinpoints the design elements driving them. This allows you to convert more shoppers by making packs easier to decode.


Is your current pack test measuring the wrong things?

Your pack has less than 2 seconds to connect with shoppers. Findability and click studies do not accurately reflect what happens at shelf. For more information why findability in pack testing can be misleading read this blog. Our eye tracking module on the other hand delivers more accurate measures of pack attraction and engagement.



Switch to the packaging research that gives you more...

Our Packaging Development Research delivers fast deployment across markets with clear, actionable results. Emotional Logic packaging research gives you shelf standout testing closer to real life behaviour, precise pack semiotics analysis and a more accurate sales estimate.

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More shoppers see your pack


Increase in sales conversion


Increase in engagement time with pack


Packaging development with Emotional Logic delivers more attention, engagement, and sales than those developed with other tools.

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