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Packaging Development Research

Does your pack connect with shoppers within 2 seconds?

Our unique tool uses advanced webcam eye tracking technology to optimise shelf standout.

How can I convert more customers in-store?

Packaging that consumers 'like' does not always deliver sales but our implicit algorithm will help you pick a clear winner.

How do I make my packaging stand out?

Ensure your potential buyers pick up the right messages from your pack by using our Behavioural Science module. Ensure implicit messages are picked up by consumers.

Are your pack messages easy to understand?

Easier to read packs show higher conversion rates. Use the right icons and language so shoppers can scan packs in seconds.

Want fast, effective packaging research?

Our Packaging Development Research delivers fast deployment across markets with clear, actionable results.


More shoppers see your pack


Increase in sales conversion


Increase in engagement time with pack


Packaging development with Emotional Logic delivers more attention, engagement, and sales than those developed with other tools.

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