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Behavioural Change Research

How can I change people's behaviour?

Behavioural change is difficult. We can help you understand what keeps people trapped in their unconscious habits by using Behavioural Science - so you can develop effective change strategies.

In order to change behaviour, we have to understand what drives it.

Emotional Logic’s Behavioural Change Model will help you break unconscious habits and create new behaviours.

Overcome confirmation bias

Consumers only see and hear what fits with their beliefs – simply screening out the rest. We can help you get more attention and get noticed.

Develop more powerful communication

Emotional Logic uncovers the beliefs that trap people in current behaviour patterns – and tells you how to change them.


Improved brand perception


Increase in repeat purchasing


Faster adoption

Behavioural Change research developed with Emotional Logic delivers improved brand perception, increase in repeat purchasing and faster adoption.

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