Which plane seat are you?

Flying is an activity steeped in psychology: fear, sense of adventure, excitement, freedom, to name but a few of the emotions travellers can experience when they set off on a trip. Seating choice though had never come into the equation until very recently, and it was commonly thought that the only reason people pick a window seat is an interest in the view.

However, Professor Bricker of the University of Washington has revealed there is more behind seating preference – people who prefer to sit on the aisle tend to be introverts and value freedom, whereas those who choose a window seat are potentially more selfish and value their privacy.

In a world where the majority of passengers on low cost airlines decide to go for a free randomly assigned seat we can only but wonder if for an introvert being stuck in a window seat can cause distress and affect their inflight behaviour and enjoyment of the experience. This and other biometrics factors can be easily measured with our Fixture Optimiser tool, which can help airlines and, by extension, rail or coach companies to improve customer experience… regardless of personality type and seating arrangements.

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