The objective of in-store research is to maximise sales conversion by activating subconscious purchase motivation triggers.

Over 90% of the factors that influence shoppers in-store are processed on a subconscious level. Shoppers see, react and make snap decisions within seconds – and the majority of this is not stored in memory.

Our MRS award recognised Point of Purchase Optimiser detects and quantifies those factors, enabling you to maximise engagement and sales conversion in-store – activating unconscious drivers in-store increases sales conversation by up to 200%.

This solution works in any retail or leisure environment, and being a global agency, we can help you realise shopper research in more than 30 markets world-wide.

Having conducted numerous, advanced in-store fixture optimisation projects we find whilst shoppers ask for an orderly, easy to navigate display, this may not be the most effective route to stimulate impulse purchases. Don’t rely on what consumers say they want, find out what really works.

Don’t ask consumers what they want, make your product their new habit. Book your free demo now.

Case Study


A cosmetics brand was facing increased competitive pressures and was looking to completely overhaul their in-store fixtures. Emotional Logic was their research partner to help maximise the attention, engagement and sales conversion the new fixture could achieve.

New Insight:

Impulse is not rational. To tap into more impulse purchasing we have to activate implicit reactions in shoppers. Our methodology quantified exactly which colours, shapes, images and design elements attract attention and engage shoppers. Cross referencing this data with product purchase conversion we were able to recommend 25 fixture design principles that would maximise not only attention but also sales. The resulting new fixture rollout resulted in significant sales increases for the brand.


Our methodology combines


Reveals what captures shoppers’ attention and what triggers shelf or display engagement.


Physiological measures identify stress and excitement levels and pinpoint specific triggers for emotional reactions.

NLP in-depth interviews

Apply language patterns from Neuro Linguistic Programming to allow respondents to reveal the underlying drivers of their reactions.

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