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Must see sessions at the Insight Show

Join us as we present our MRS Award winning case study with a holistic modern methodology that combines innovative survey techniques, eye tracking and behavioural economics thinking to reveal how reading a motor magazine influences the car buying process. An unmissable session for anyone who needs to understand how advertising really works.

When budgets are tight marketers often have to choose between editorial coverage and advertising, thinking: β€˜If my brand is covered by 3 pages of editorial maybe I can cut the brand advertising?’ Maybe not.

A recent study conducted by Emotional Logic in car magazines showed that brands that supported their editorial with brand advertising were less likely to be dropped from the shortlist and more likely to become the favourite brand. One reason for this is the priming effect – a brand advert placed immediately before editorial coverage primes readers and can more than double the amount of time people spend reading the editorial pages. More exposure for the brand.

A brand advert placed immediately before editorial coverage primes readers and can more than double the amount of time people spend reading the editorial pages. This 'priming effect' can make the difference between a car being shortlisted or not.

The study used eye tracking with current car buyers split into two cohorts – one group read a car magazine where all car brand advertising was removed. The second group read the identical magazine with 25 car brand adverts added. The study investigated how the inclusion of car brand advertising changed the reading behaviour of the car buyers.

In one example, a road test between three car makes, one brand editorial went from the least read to become the most read of the three cars – simply through the addition of an advert for that specific brand immediately before the editorial feature.

The priming effect is only one of several new insights discovered through this innovative methodology.

Emotional Logic will be presenting their MRS award-winning paper at the Insight Show Showcase Stage on 6th of March at 15.30 and we would love to see you there.

Emotional Logic - Experts in System 1 Research for over a Decade

Our techniques are statistically proven to be twice as strongly linked to actual consumer behaviour. We can help you uncover not only how System 1 thinking impacts buying behaviour in your category – but also how it integrates with System 2 thinking in real life consumer decisions. Our unique approach won the MRS award in New Consumer Insights 2018 and delivers clear, actionable results for brand development, communication testing, website optimisation, customer satisfaction and NPD.

We have been delivering deeper consumer insight for clients such as Jaguar Land Rover, Unilever, Hilton Hotels and the British Heart Foundation in over 30 markets world-wide for more than 10 years.

We can help you to:
β€’ Understand consumer buying motivations
β€’ Overcome psychological barriers to purchasing
β€’ Maximise the subconscious impact of packaging and advertising
β€’ Understand how your advertising works in the context of different media
β€’ Optimise in-store activity to attract, engage and convert more shoppers

Join us at the Insight Show in London on the 6th and 7th March 2019. Pop by our stand AV8 in Agency Village for a coffee and cake.
Please book a meeting time here to ensure we are available.

Can't attend the Insight Show but would still like to find out how we can help you? - please drop us an email.

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