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The Dos and Don’ts of Experiential Marketing

Some encouraging statistics from Experiential Marketing News show that 98% of consumers feel more inclined to purchase after attending a retailer’s event. 80% of attendees say that live demonstrations and free samples significantly help define their purchasing decision. Finally, 72% of consumers say friends’ social media posts about branded experiences make them more likely to purchase the brand.

However, every single attempt at experiential marketing is not a success story; it’s important not to overlook some common pitfalls.

Social media is paramount to spreading the story and a goal should always be to inspire people to the point they feel they must share their experience with their followers. Therefore, don’t shy away from exhibiting a hashtag or offering a prize for social media engagement, for example, for the best event photograph. However, don’t get lost in the upkeep of the perfect social media reputation for the event, and lose the focus of the real-life experience. It’s important to choose the right brand ambassadors who will be building the face to face relationships with customers. If the visitors are happy, social media should reflect this anyway.

Obviously, the sales are key performance indicators for experiential campaigns, but instead of the main focus being about pushing sales content, let the experience itself be the sales pitch. A third of young people say they are more likely to buy a product if the brand’s content is not ‘sales-y’, and instead displays authentic messages.

Emotional Logic is helping brands and retailers to increase emotional engagement at events and in communications and can ensure your experiential marketing is maximising sales. Get in touch to find out more.

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