Subliminal Advertising: It works!

Following on from our recent blog on Subliminal Advertising, Emotional Logic carried out an experiment to test the theory – does it really have an effect? We split a cohort of participants into two groups, showing both groups a popular 1-minute advertisement. Both groups were shown exactly the same advert, but one of them had been edited with subliminal messages of the Coca-Cola Logo added to it.

The logo was flashed a total of 12 times over the one-minute period, though it was hidden well enough to not be consciously perceived by those watching. Participants were then asked to try two drinks: they were told that one was Coca-Cola and one was Pepsi, despite them both being the same drink. When asked their favourite, 80% of those shown the edited video said that the drink that they thought was Coca-Cola tasted better. This is compared to a 50/50 split in those who were shown the untampered with video. The subliminal messages even led 18% participants to give the taste of Pepsi a negative rating, compared to 0 in the control group.

With these results suggesting that subliminal advertising does work, it shows just how much subconscious messages can affect us. Emotional Logic’s Engaging Digital & Ad Content tool helps you to discover the powerful unconscious effects your brand communication has on consumers. For more information click here.

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