Whether or not people recall your advert is only one measure of success and does not give the full picture of ad effectiveness – 75% of people who see your advertising will not remember it.

Recall and memory-based assessment captures only a fraction of the true power of your actual communication. Even without the viewer being aware of it, their unconscious mind can receive an impression that will have an impact on their long-term brand loyalty and price elasticity.

Many of the effects of advertising and digital content work on the subconscious mind and cannot be measured through self-reported research.  Our Communication Optimiser measures both conscious and subconscious effects of exposure and is suitable for all digital or traditional methods of advertising.

The Communication Optimiser is used for digital user experience research as well as for testing press, TV, radio and outdoor advertising. It has been designed to pinpoint specific words, sounds and visuals that trigger buying behaviour.

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Case Study


Our client was facing negative brand perceptions and asked us to test several versions of a new advertising campaign to change brand image.

New Insight:

Our unique test structure revealed which creative execution had the strongest impact on improving brand perceptions and how many exposures would be required to generate lasting change. We were also able to measure whether the brand perception change was going to impact on sales (otherwise what is the point). The resulting campaign significantly improved both brand perceptions and sales conversion.

This tool significantly increases attention, engagement and conversion of communication.


Our methodology combines


Reveals what captures shoppers’ attention and what triggers ad engagement.


Physiological measures identify stress and excitement levels and reveal subconscious reactions.

NLP in-depth interviews

Apply language patterns from Neuro Linguistic Programming to allow respondents to reveal the underlying drivers of their reactions.

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