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Why most Christmas shoppers will still be hitting the stores

Online shopping is on the increase – however a recent survey by Emotional Logic reveals over 70% of UK shoppers will still be doing the majority of their Christmas shopping in-store. 15% state they will only buy in-store and 4% are planning to make all festive purchases online.

With Christmas often bemoaned as the most stressful time to hit the stores, why are so many shoppers still willing to do so?

One of the reasons is the nature of online shopping. It is great for quickly comparing prices or similar items – but what if you are not sure what to buy? What do you put into the search box? It may be easier to pop into a department store and wait for inspiration to hit.

One other reason is delivery times. Those committed to online Christmas shopping start earlier. By the end of November 78% of online shoppers will have started their Christmas shopping, but only 55% of those who prefer to buy in-store. By the first week in December 95% of the online shoppers are well underway getting their stocking fillers whilst 36% of bricks and mortar only shoppers haven’t even started.

For most shoppers, online and offline shopping are becoming integrated but Christmas lights, special events and the festive spirit are still a draw to shopping destinations.

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