The way we shop, seek entertainment and live is undergoing rapid change. Consumer lifestyles are more diverse than ever – there is no longer one size fits all.

Developing a destination requires a deep understanding of local and regional audiences, a sense of place and a clear positioning.

Our research insight is based on robust reliable data and unrivalled understanding of audiences. Our data has powered development of major destinations such as Trinity Leeds and Get Living London. Over 80 UK retail and mixed-use residential developments regularly apply our insight to refine their offer and track resident and user satisfaction.

Our combination of real time behavioural data, transactional spend, lifestyle profiling and economic forecasting ensures your new development is based on what audiences want right now and delivers long-term ROI by adjusting your retail offering to changing habits and emerging trends.

We support your destination development with accurate and insightful data that will keep you informed about spend potential, consumer behaviour and competitive benchmarking. This ensures your destination aligns with the needs of users and visitors to maximise footfall and commercialisation. Now and in the future.

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Case Study


A property developer wanted to future proof the retail mix at a series of retail parks. Emotional Logic was asked to identify which retailers would be least affected by the switch to online shopping and continue to drive footfall to retail destinations.

New Insight:

In the future more retail spend will shift online – but there are major differences between product categories and also between individual retailers. Our shopper study revealed seven key factors that determine whether a transaction will take place online or offline. We then scored over 300 major retailers on those criteria. The client selected a retail mix that prioritised retailers less likely to be affected by shift to online. Five years later all retail destinations that applied the system are performing significantly above average footfall patterns of the sector.


Our methodology combines

Lifestyle Profiling

Understand current consumer lifestyles, changes in buying behaviour and distinguish core purchase drivers from general life values.

Real-time Behaviours

Observe current shopping patterns, measure changes in behaviour and be ahead of newly emerging trends in your category.

Retail Transaction Analysis

Measure what people actually buy rather than what they say they buy and discover the underlying drivers that motivate purchases.

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