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Black Friday sales estimated to improve on 2015 levels

As Halfords mini Black Friday 2016 gets underway this weekend we asked 500 shoppers their intentions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It looks like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now firmly established in the UK market. Only 3% of the UK population have not heard of Black Friday (and 7% of Cyber Monday).

Overall there is a slight increase in the number of people intending to shop on Black Friday. 18% of UK shoppers are planning to make purchases on that day, a slight increase from last year’s 16%.

However, amongst those who make most of their holiday time purchases online 32% want to take part in Black Friday. On the other hand, of those shoppers who don’t shop online (which is only 15% of the population) less than 1% intend on buying on Black Friday.

Cyber Monday also has similar good coverage with 15% of all shoppers and 27% of those who prefer online shopping planning to make purchases that day.

So, get ready for November 25th and make sure you get up early to catch those deals – there will be plenty of competition.

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