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Why it’s time to get ahead with online research

What is online research? Online research can be defined as a research method that collects data via the internet. Traditional research techniques have taken a backseat over recent years and made room for these initiative methods. In comparison to traditional methods, online survey research has various benefits, for example, ease of access and is much more cost effective.

In the marketing research industry, there is a constant progress for new methods and techniques. With the internet being part of our day-to-day lives, it makes sense to integrate online research with the platforms that are available. Social media has played a huge role in aiding online research, for example, can reach a specific audience of people through adverts, ease of access and large target audiences.

Online research can be used to test a variety of our research solutions, such as, pack testing, identifying your target audience, develop a desirable destination and test new product ideas. Online surveys, questionnaires and online focus groups are just a few examples of online tools that are essential for gathering key information on your product or service.

5 key essential tools for carrying out online research

At Emotional Logic we have been carrying out various online research techniques for years. These techniques have shown to be very valuable as they offer extended benefits that traditional techniques can’t. Here are a few examples:

  1. Online interviews

Much like the traditional face-to-face interviews, this online method is quite similar. Respondents are recruited in the same way and we can obtain the same data. Interviews can be carried out in real-time from using various platforms such as GoToMeeting. Online interviews still give us the ability to delve into a respondent’s thoughts and gain insights into their experiences or attitudes on a product or service.

  1. Online focus groups

Online focus groups are a similar set-up to interviews, but just done with a larger sample of people who are pre-selected and meet the required criteria. Emotional Logic conduct the focus group and ask a designed set of questions to really underpin what respondents think. This method is usually used for B2B research, consumer research and political research.

  1. Online qualitative research

Qualitative research can be collected through participant observation and interviews. The data is analysed by themes from descriptions by participants – this can be found in the form of blogs, mobile diaries, and shared communities. Online qualitative research is very cost effective, time saving and allows us to gain a vast amount of information on the research topic in hand. This method of research is particularly helpful when you want a large overview of trends.

  1. Online surveys

Online surveys are one of the key methods to online research. The process is simple but extremely effective and allows you to receive extremely reliable results. A survey gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions that you like to help you get the answers that you are looking for, for example, you are able to get opinions from potential and existing customers, test concepts, measure brand awareness, and more. You can also combine an online survey with another research method. Online surveys give you access to data around the world, respondents are able to complete the survey from the comfort of their own home – using less resources than traditional pen and paper surveys.

  1. Online eye-tracking

Online eye-tracking is a fantastic way to see how a respondent looks at a product or specific design. This tool can be used for testing advertising, pack and web design studies – all from the comfort of the respondent’s home. Online eye-tracking is an efficient method that allows you to test large panels of consumers and see exactly how they consume your webpage, ads etc from their own computers. After consumers have looked at the materials, we are then able to determine with design is the most effective for grabbing consumer attention. This can also be paired with other Emotional Logic research solutions.

Each of those online research methods have various benefits that can help guide you in the right direction of knowing what your consumers, both past, present and future want. You are able to gain an insight into how your consumers feel about a product or service, develop a new product through understanding of what the target audience want, uncover a consumers motivations towards your brand and understand what is currently keeping them loyal and finally, understand their overall satisfaction of a product or service.

Each of those factors are essential for your business to succeed. Get in touch today if you would like to find out more about how you can benefit from online research.

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