Our Motivation Deep Dive identifies unconscious emotions that are driving consumer behaviour – these are the emotions that can help you grow your brand.

Fact is, not all brand emotions drive sales or loyalty, but we can help you identify those that do. It is important that your brand values are linked with factors that actually stimulate consumption or activate behaviour. Is your brand activating the right emotions?

In our own decade-long investigation we have found even factors that consumers say are very important to them often don’t influence their decisions. This is because consumers don’t really know why they do what they do.

Our tools can help. We use techniques from psychology and coaching to identify what is holding current behaviours in place – once those factors have been identified, we help you develop strategies to unhook those current habits and stimulate behavioural change.

Motivation Deep Dive enables you to identify those emotions that definitely drive sales and loyalty even across culturally diverse markets. It quantifies the impact of those emotional drivers so you can prioritise factors that will grow market share and get results faster.

Companies who use Motivation Deep Dive have been able to gain a competitive advantage, stimulate growth through activating category drivers and connect with consumers across diverse markets.

The end result is a brand proposition that drives growth and increases customer loyalty.

Case Study 01


A major health charity experienced problems converting awareness for the cause into support and donations. Although people saw it as a worthwhile cause, they were prioritising other charities. Emotional Logic was asked how the charity could get people to turn their positive intentions into action.

New Insight:

Our Motivation Deep Dive technique revealed that consumers connected with the charity rationally but not emotionally. They understood the need but did not feel a connection with the cause. This was due to the imagery used in communication.

A revised brand image and new communication campaign generated double digit growth in fundraising income over several years.

Case Study 02


A retail brand had high brand awareness, a positive brand image and good one-off usage penetration but was struggling to generate repeat purchasing. Customer satisfaction of the purchase was also very positive. Emotional Logic was asked to identify why the positive brand image was not translating into long-term usage.

New Insight:

Research identified that the current brand factors that were being tracked had very little influence over sales. We revealed which factors were actually driving sales and as a result the brand was able to more than double their rate of repeat purchasing.


Our methodology combines

NLP Depth Interviews

Apply language patterns from Neuro Linguistic Programming to allow respondents to reveal the underlying drivers of their brand connection.

Implicit Brand Positioning

Benchmark your brand against core competitors with regards to activating implicit emotional reactions critical in your category.

Correlation Analysis

Statistical analysis measures which emotions drive sales and repeat sales. Ensuring focus on emotions that make a difference to the bottom line.

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