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Three behavioural nudges every pack should utilise

Consumers don’t make rational purchase decisions. Humans are programmed to conserve energy so when it comes to making purchase decisions we use shortcuts. We cannot possibly evaluate all the options – otherwise we would spend hours in the supermarket or store.

These short cuts are often irrational and influence buying behaviour. If you know how people really shop then you can build those behavioural nudges into your packaging – and win more customers.

Emotional Logic is one of the most well-established Behavioural Research agencies and can help you optimise your packaging for behavioural impact. Here are three examples of how you can influence shoppers:

1. Behavioural bias: Shoppers buy more when emotions are aroused

Packaging nudge: Use images that hit the emotional end goal

Whether you are selling sausages or deodorant, consumers buy because they have an (often unconscious) emotional end goal in mind. As a result of using your product they want to feel comfortable or confident or happy. Ensure your packaging hits those triggers with imagery that activates those emotional drivers.

2. Behavioural bias: Shoppers pay more attention to icons than written words

Packaging nudge: Use icons to get across more information

Does your product have a lot of added benefits? Gluten free, No preservatives, Suitable for sensitive skin? Consumers don’t like to read packs. Eye tracking studies prove that icons receive at least three times more attention than written claims. So if you have something important to say – say it with a picture or illustration.

3. Behavioural bias: Shoppers prefer a risk free product even if its not the best product

Packaging nudge: Remove perceived risks from your purchase

Consumers prefer the complete removal of a small risk to a reduction of a large one. For example shoppers are more likely to choose a β€˜no refined sugar’ biscuit to a 50% less sugar one. Even if the 50% less sugar biscuit has a lower sugar content overall. Irrational? Yes but people use shortcuts to make purchase decisions more quickly. So are there zero risk elements you can highlight in your product? You should consider doing so even if you think they are not main purchase drivers – it may just trigger a few more shoppers to pick the item.

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