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The public has spoken, supermarket fashion is slaying!

With lockdown happening and shopping malls being closed, consumers have turned to supermarkets for their latest fashion trends.

For the past year we’ve lived in the same clothes (or PJ’s…) and although fashion hasn’t been at the top of the priority list, consumers are starting to get bored of being in the same pieces – this is where the supermarkets have stepped in and spruced up consumers lockdown wardrobes. And with the pandemic looking like it *might* ease up, consumers are starting to look for their newest post-lockdown look. And yes, that’s right, from their local Sainsbury’s or Tesco.

These stores seem to have pulled it out of the bag and have had some serious big-hitters landing on their shelves – and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. TikTokers’s and social media influencers have been posting their clothing hauls online and consumers have been amazed to find out that the clothing isn’t from Zara or H&M, and is a fraction of the price. The sheek shackets, floral knitwear and matching loungewear all seem to be a raging success, especially amongst Millennials and Gen-Z.

So, I guess the question is, will supermarkets be leading the fashion industry in 2021?

Reading comments like “Love it ❤️” and “Now that is a look ❤️” on F&F’s latest Instagram post, which shows a dark denim button up dress that looks as though it could be in Zara’s window – but for only £22. *What a bargain*

The only problem seems to be the fact consumers can’t get a hold of the pieces fast enough and want F&F to stock online again! One shopper said, “Bring back online! See so many nice things on here but can never get any of them!”

Lockdown well and truly has put a spanner in the works for the retail industry – with shopping being off limits due to the pandemic, and more people spending time in supermarkets its only natural that they are starting to shop elsewhere. Well done supermarkets for capitalising on the loophole and somehow managing to make fashion shopping essential!
And although this means more competition for the already struggling fashion retailers - it also proves there is pent-up demand that hopefully the beleaguered sector will benefit from come April 12th.

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