The Effects of Lighting on our Tastebuds

Following on from our blog on the effect of red and blue lighting on price perception, Emotional Logic also tested the effects of such lighting on taste perception. In an earlier post, we shared that people tended to rate the same product as cheaper in a red light, compared to a blue light. Also, the higher the light intensity, the less likely people were to buy products.

In terms of taste, 13% more people rated the taste of the same unnamed drink positively in blue light than in a red light.

4% more people thought the same unnamed drink was made by a brand that cares about its quality in blue light rather than in red light. The more intense the light got, the more people voted that the unnamed drink was a supermarket own brand rather than a high quality one – maybe it is the light intensity rather than colour that has more of an impact on taste perception. This suggests that there are different effects on the perception of taste to the perception of quality. Blue light seemed to enhance taste perception.

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