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Five key drivers of customer loyalty

People tend to start feeling attachment when they have learnt something or when they feel a product or service supports their health and wellbeing. A bond can also be created by overcoming challenges together, a driver that many charities are using to their advantage. All of the above tend to be motivating forces that consumers are aware of.

Some loyalty drivers can be hidden in the unconscious though, people may like a brand and be very faithful to it without really knowing it is because the brand makes them feel like they belong to a group of like-minded people. Creating a feeling of community is a key element that can help brands increase customer loyalty.

Loyalty is at its strongest when a brand reflects the consumer’s life values back to them. This requires in-depth consumer insight so the brand can be accurately be pitched in the right emotional territory (for example through our Motivation Deep Dive). If successful, this is when the brand becomes part of the individual’s identity – a bond that is very hard to break.

Regardless of which level of loyalty formation your currently are at, we can help you increase that critical bond with your customers – let’s have a conversation to get things started: Email us

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