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How to develop better personas with Behavioural Science

Persona development is the cornerstone of human-centred design and marketing. Creating personas will help your team more easily understand the needs and expectations of your customers. Well-formed personas help you develop better products, services, communication and experiences for your customers and galvanise your team behind a common language within the organisation.
But not all personas are created equal. Emotional Logic helps you use the power of Behavioural Science in your persona development.

Why should you use personas?

Personas help you bring your customer into day-to-day decision making – by helping you prioritise elements that are most important to them.
Personas are characters, developed based on customer research, that represent different user types of your product or service. Creating personas will help you get closer to the needs and wants of your customer base and allows a more tailored approach for marketing, user experience and new product development. If done well, personas help you bring customers β€˜to life’ and enable your teams to engage with them on a more human level.
But not all personas are created equal.

What is the problem with conventional personas?

The traditional types of β€˜John’ and β€˜Fatima’ geo-demographic personas can easily descend into stereotyping and are not able to keep pace with todays multi-ethnic, multi-age consumer segments who no longer fit traditional stereotypes. When you have 25 year olds and 55 years olds buying the same tech products a demographic based persona soon falls short.

How to add the power of Behavioural Science to your personas

Adding Behavioural Science delivers personas that inspire organisation-wide usage and innovation and are more effective than traditional systems. In order to develop such personas, you have conduct research that helps you understand what is motivating people to buy your product or service and how they are using it. It requires advanced research techniques that go way beyond β€˜price’ and β€˜good customer service’ to really understand the emotional relationship customers have with your product or service.
Once you understand the emotional benefits people get from your products and what is motivating their purchasing you can develop personas that have very clear service and communication requirements.

To find out more about how Emotional Logic can help you add the power of Behavioural Science in your persona development get in touch for a free demo of recent case studies.






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