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Galvanic Skin Response reveals best Christmas Advert of 2017

Our test showed Aldi is the consciously best liked advert โ€“ but John Lewis generates more unconscious emotional reactions.

Emotional Logic conducted a test measuring perceptions and preferences for three Christmas adverts of 2017. The test also measured Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) to assess emotional engagement.
The three tested adverts were from Aldi, Debenhams and John Lewis:

Our test showed consumers three current Christmas adverts.
When asked which advert they preferred after watching them, 60% said Aldi (โ€˜I pead myselfโ€™ really worked). Our quick twitter poll generated a similar result:

However, when we look at unconscious emotional reactions we see a different story. One of the measures Emotional Logic uses to assess the emotional impact of advertising is Galvanic Skin Response โ€“ and here there is very little difference between the adverts with John Lewis marginally in the lead:

So even though respondents consciously preferred the Aldi advert, their subconscious reacted just was well (if not better) to the John Lewis advert.
Emotional Logic helps brands optimise their advertising to ensure high effectiveness on both conscious and subconscious levels.

We would love to show you how it works in a free demonstration:

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