We’re doing our bit for the environment!

For many years Emotional Logic has been using the image of an iceberg to illustrate our research approach – emphasising that our research digs deeper and goes underneath the surface. And just like the iceberg the majority of human cognitive activity is beneath the surface – so it is the perfect analogy. However, icebergs have also become the symbol of environmental impact.

Baring this in mind, we had set our minds to it and decided to become a more environmentally friendly business and managed to think of a couple of alternatives that were definitely just as effective!

Over the years we have managed a 90% reduction in energy consumption, 40% of staff members commute by public transport resulting in a 26% reduction in air travel. From this, we have reduced our carbon footprint from 3.1 tonnes per employee to 1.5 tonnes per employee.

Our little changes really are making a big difference:

  • Our Cotton Business Cards are made from 100% recycled T-shirt offcuts (the stuff that normally gets thrown away), and as well as being tree-free, they’re also bright white, and feel amazing!
  • They went hand in hand with our eco-friendly pencils to hand out, our Emotional Logic pencils are made out of 100% reused Newspapers, meaning no plastic, no toxic chemicals and definitely no wood! Did you know that 79 million pencils could be made from the paper used in a single press run of the Sunday newspaper?
  • We also opted for recycled paper when we were printing our leaflets – this is a great alternative which is helping to minimise our carbon footprint. From making these minor changes we have been able to:
    • REDUCE – the cutting of trees
    • RECYCLE – paper
    • REUSE – existing raw materials and promoter a greener lifestyle

Although being socially responsible isn’t free – it does cost time, money and resources – we believe it is a worthwhile cause to do our little bit for environment. Check out our Corporate Social Responsibility page for all the facts and figues!


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