For many years Emotional Logic has been using the image of an iceberg to illustrate our research approach.

Our research digs deeper (goes underneath the surface) to reveal subconscious elements that have an impact on consumer behaviour. And just like the iceberg the majority of human cognitive activity is beneath the surface – so it is the perfect analogy. But icebergs have also become the symbol of environmental impact. Recent reports on global warming and ocean pollution make for a worrying read.

Our Impact

We are taking actions to reduce our footprint.

So, we decided, as a business to take steps to reduce our environmental impact – one primary focus of corporate social responsibility is the environment. Over the years we have been making little changes that have made a big difference to our carbon footprint.

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Reduction in energy consumption
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Reduction in air travel

Our Carbon Footprint

We have reduced our carbon footprint from 3.1 tonnes per employee to 1.5 tonnes per employee.

Although being socially responsible isn’t free – it does cost time, money and resources – we believe it is a worthwhile cause to do our little bit for the environment.

We’re committed to reducing our direct impact on the environment by actively managing our waste (packaging), emissions (travel) and our consumption of natural resources (paper). For each key strand we have put in place different protocols to help gradually reduce our carbon footprint and are always re-evaluating these processes in order to identify wasteful acts and find an alternative option.

This has been achieved by:
  • Moving premises to a more energy efficient building
  • Replacing a large proportion of car travel with rail travel
  • Conducting more international meetings via video conference
  • Turning to electronic interviewing instead of paper
  • Using recycled paper in the office
  • Using pencils made from newspaper
  • Switching to online platforms for supplier liaison instead of paper documents

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