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How Britain feels about Lockdown

As the UK lockdown has been extended by at least 3 more weeks, we thought it would be a good idea to check how people are coping.

Our survey of 1,000 UK adults [Source: Emotional Logic] reveals that 55% of the population are OK with the lockdown, only 13% are hating it and 32% are actually enjoying or loving it. Those aged 45-54 are most likely to be loving it with 15% (almost twice the national average).

Those who are having a good time enjoy the slower pace of life, spending time with family and pets and doing activities they usually don’t have time for such as reading, gardening, cooking and catching up on TV programmes. 1 in 7 of us is actually feeling more freedom due to being able to make our own decisions.

Those who are not so happy with the lockdown tend to miss family (1 in 3) social contact (1 in 7), struggle with boredom (1 in 7) or simply want to spend more time outside (1 in 8).

So far, so good, most of us are coping.

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