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World Consumer Trends*: Yearning for a simpler life

Overstimulation is a key issue in today’s world. Too many products, brands, channels of content are available – it is easy to get lost. Because of this, products and services that simplify consumer’s lives will become increasingly popular.

Minimalism has long been a trend in Japan – where consumers strip their homes of all clutter and unnecessary furniture as it results in a calmer mind. Experts in decluttering such as Marie Kondo are making this a trend that is starting to reach far beyond Japan.

Ikea is a more established player of the same simplicity trend – bringing a simpler, more streamlined Scandinavian style of living to homes around the world.

The trend is also influencing the way we shop. A key factor of success of the discount retailers Lidl and Aldi are the competitive prices – but there is also an element of simplicity that appeals to consumers. Do you really want to spend your time in a supermarket choosing between 20 types of olive oil or would you rather be able to complete your weekly shop in half the time and do something more worthwhile?

Another area where the simplicity trend is emerging is fashion. More and more fashionistas feel overwhelmed having to make a choice on what to wear in the morning. Enter project 333 which will advise you on how to reduce your entire season wardrobe to 33 pieces – including clothing, accessories, jewellery, outerwear and shoes. As a result, it claims, you will feel calmer and less stressed.

At a time when everything is available, an increasing number of consumers make conscious choices to own less – but to make those fewer items count.

*World Consumer Trends are major shifts in consumer behaviour that occur simultaneously across world markets. Emotional Logic regularly conducts consumer psychology studies in more than 30 countries world-wide and has observed key trends across markets.

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