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Join us at The Quirks Event London

Emotional Logic has been delivering award-winning research solutions that go deeper than surface opinions for more than a decade. Building your strategy on Emotional Logic’s research solutions means a 44% stronger influence over sales. Or more impact with the same budget. We are able to expose what drives brand relationships, makes advertising work and motivates people to act.

This is done by measuring both System 1 as well as System 2. Human beings switch seamlessly between unconscious gut reactions of System 1 and logical step by step thinking of System 2. This is why Emotional Logic’s prize-winning research process measures the interplay of both modes of thinking.

Because we measure people’s attitudes and reactions in a holistic way, considering both rational thought and unconscious gut reactions, our insight gets you closer to real behaviour.

Getting you closer to how people really make decisions.

We can help you to:

  • Understand consumer buying motivation
  • Overcome psychological barriers to purchasing
  • Maximise the subconscious impact of packaging and advertising
  • Understand how your advertising works in the context of different media
  • Optimise in-store activity to attract, engage and convert more shoppers

If you are looking for a robust research process that delivers true new insight with directly actionable results then we would love to have a conversation with you.

Join us at The Quirks Event in London on the 11th and 12th of February 2020. Come along for a chat and a bite to eat at stand 620 and we can discuss the best option for you!

It would be great if you could catch our presentation on “How to get more ad attention in a world of dwindling attention spans” – it won’t be one to miss!

Don’t worry, if you can’t attend The Quirks Event but would like to find out how we can help you – please drop us an email.

New to Quirks?

The Quirk's Event is for the best, brightest and boldest in marketing research - clients and agencies alike - exchange their most effective ideas. Throughout the day there will be a series of guest speakers (including ourselves) hosting sessions that you can attend - giving you the perfect opportunity to keep up-to-date in the marketing world.


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