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‘How to’ maximise the impact of your digital presence

Did you know that 27.6% of the 7.74 billion people in the world are now digital buyers? That means that, more than one out of every four people is an online shopper. Crazy, isn’t it? Now more than ever it’s important that you are prepared for the rise of eCommerce.

Each year there has been a gradual increase in the number of online shoppers but because of the coronavirus pandemic it has grown substantially. For example, in 2021 there were 900 million more digital buyers than in 2020 – maybe because consumers couldn’t get out to shopping malls or highstreets or just because they find it more convenient to shop online.

The truth is, shopping online is becoming more and more like shopping in person and with major online exclusive events such as Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday contributing which offer huge discounts that can’t be found in-store – it’s important that you maximise the behavioural nudges on your website to get shoppers to buy and users to stay.

So, how can you be more prepared for the digital age?

Behavioural User Experience Research. User experience is how a customer feels about the interactions they have with your website, your values and your products or services. UX is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of online shops – brands pour a lot of money into getting people onto the website (through ads, design and product research) but they often realise that the sales aren’t as high as they’d hoped.

However, most of the online browsing process happens subconsciously and even if we interview people about their experience, it will only reveal a fraction of what has actually happened – which isn’t exactly great. This is why we use neuroscience and implicit tools to help media owners, brands and retailers understand more deeply how their content is processed by audiences.

Staying on trend, adding new features and services to your online site will get more attention and engagement from users. Here is an example of a case study we received from a past client and the new insight we provided them with:


Four major publishers of automotive media wanted to understand how their motoring magazines impact on the buying process for new cars. Emotional Logic conducted research to quantify the impact of magazine exposure on buying behaviour and derived new principles for placement of advertising.

New Insight:

Our study combined a large-scale study with 3,000 current car buyers with eye tracking and biometric measurements.

The study proved that motoring magazines play an important role for readers to help shortlist cars, decide on their budget and also identify their favourite car. Our study proved that brands that advertise in the publications are more likely to be shortlisted, favoured and that adverts work very closely with editorial to influence consumer decisions. As a result, advertising placement in motoring media increased by 15% in a static market place.

Throughout this research we used a range of techniques such as the use of cohort studies where we create an experimental design to accurately asses the impact of media exposure on your audience (including hard to measure implicit reactions), eye-tracking which reveals what captures shoppers’ attention and what triggers pack engagement, and biometric measures to identify stress and excitement levels and pinpoint specific triggers for emotional reactions. We can maximise the impact of your digital presence and increase your sales conversions.

So, does it work? From our own decade of website optimisation research, we have noticed that those who carry out research with us increase their average order value by 25% and increase the time spent on site by 200%.

Whether you need insight to adjust your strategies for existing brands to the new normal or are thinking about launching new products we can help you get it right. Emotional Logic is a specialist behavioural insight agency and we offer a range of cost-effective research solutions to ensure your strategy connects with the constantly shifting needs of the consumer. Please get in touch for a free consultation.

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