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Most of the online browsing process happens subconsciously and even if we interview people about their experience it will only reveal a fraction of what happened. This is why at Emotional Logic we use neuroscience and implicit tools to help media owners, brands and retailers understand more deeply how their content is processed by audiences. This multi award-winning tool reveals how users really browse and what you can do to make them stick around and convert to sales or enquiries.

Maximise behavioural nudges on your site to get shoppers to buy and users to stay

Get more attention and engagement by building nudges into your site based on Behavioural Science. Our insight from over a decade of website optimisation research will help you optimise look and feel as well as functionality to guide users implicitly to action. Wether you are looking for enquiries or sales our tools are proven to increase conversion rates. We can help you test and optimise your site at any stage of the development process.

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Case Study


Four major publishers of automotive media wanted to understand how their motoring magazines impact on the buying process for new cars. Emotional Logic conducted research to quantify the impact of magazine exposure on buying behaviour and derived new principles for placement of advertising.

New Insight:

Our study combined a large-scale study with 3,000 current car buyers with eye tracking and biometric measurements.

The study proved that motoring magazines play an important role for readers to help shortlist cars, decide on their budget and also identify their favourite car. Our study proved that brands that advertise in the publications are more likely to be shortlisted, favoured and that adverts work very closely with editorial to influence consumer decisions. As a result, advertising placement in motoring media increased by 15% in a static market place.


Our methodology combines

Cohort Study

Experimental design to accurately asses impact of media exposure on your audience including hard to measure implicit reactions.

Eye Tracking

Reveals how audiences read content and explains the interplay of advertising and editorial.

Biometric Measures

Physiological measures identify stress and excitement levels and pinpoint specific triggers for emotional reactions.

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