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How your consumer’s unconscious mind can help your brand grow faster

Is your brand too reliant on the conscious mind?

Have you ever tried to remember what you bought the last time you went to the supermarket? And by this we mean every single item you put into your trolley and through the till at the end.

And going even a bit further, how about all the different products and brands you looked at before landing on the one you eventually bought?

And if you think about all your shop visits over the previous week, including what you bought exactly where? If it seems like a tall order, well, that’s because it is.

Picking the right armour for battle

And yet this is the blueprint for shopper research that many brands still use unquestioningly to inform their branding, packaging, advertising and product strategies: self-reported behaviour even shoppers themselves may not be fully aware of.

Now, once we put it that way, we can see that many key business decisions could be based on fallacies. It’s like going into battle with a plastic fork – at best it might be enough to cause a minor inconvenience to an opponent in close range combat but it will likely not keep us safe for too long.

Poor memory is one issue. Then there’s social acceptance – there are certain things we feel we should hide from others, if we even admit them to ourselves at all. If health or behaviour change is your business then this is particularly relevant for you, as you could end up downplaying behaviours that might go undetected.

Time for a new approach

Emotional Logic offers a fresh perspective – and the key lies in the unconscious mind. If we only use traditional techniques we will end up looking just at one part of the picture (and not the most important one at that). We know that whenever we watch TV, drive, browse the internet or a physical shop it’s our unconscious mind that’s calling the shots. If you really want your brand to grow you have to go deeper and use advanced methods that measure what consumers do – instead of what they say they do (or remember doing) – such as eye tracking or implicit testing.

Did you know that identifying the unconscious factors driving your customers and building them into your in-store and online displays can lead to a 66% increase in sales conversion? To learn more about our shopper research solutions and how they can help your brand grow faster get in touch today.




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