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Explore the unconscious mind at Quirks 24

Explore the unconscious mind

at booth 600

Come take a virtual journey into the unconscious mind with Emotional Logic!

As humans we have a conscious mind but we are also capable of more instinctive and automatic decisions – which is what our unconscious mind does.

Our VR experience will take you to the centre of the human brain, where you will learn some interesting things about how the unconscious mind works and put your knowledge to the test with our quiz. The person who answers most questions correctly in the quickest time will win a Β£500 Amazon voucher. (Prize draw terms can be found here)


Attend our session:

How to increase in-store effectiveness - lessons learned from the British Heart Foundation study

Room 1Β  Wednesday 8th May at 2.30pm

The in-store retail scenario continues to pose challenges and shopper attention is at a premium. Overcoming these challenges is particularly crucial for the profit and non-profit sectors alike as they rely on store environment to communicate to shoppers. As British Heart Foundation sought to maximize their in-store fundraising efforts our mission was to help them assess the effectiveness of their current retail campaign. Find out more in this session.

Attend our session:

3 essentials to enhance your web designs

Room 2Β  Thursday 9th May at 10.45 am

User-centric web design is essential for success with digital touchpoints. But did you know that a lot of the browsing process is unconscious – and outside of the awareness of the user? Find our how Coventry Building Society apply Emotional Logic'sΒ  a best-in-class UX process to deliver better digital customer journeys.

Find out more in this session.

About Emotional Logic

Research that delivers more

Emotional Logic offers research powered by Behavioural Science. Our award-winning approach combines market research tools with the latest techniques from psychology and neuroscience to give you better insights faster. Find out more here.

Highly effective insights

More impact with the same budget.

Because our research methodologies are based on behavioural science principles, we measure actual not stated behaviour. Building your strategies on insight into actual behaviour leads to better bottom-line results.

Independent tracking research has shown that our research insight delivers at least 44% more sales impact than traditional market research. This means your brand, destination, new product launches, marketing strategies and digital communications will have much more impact.

Here are some of the results you can achieve using our behavioural science research:

  • Make your advertising up to 4 times more persuasive
  • Develop packaging that converts up to 66% more sales
  • Make websites and digital content up to 200% more engaging
  • Develop shopping and leisure destinations that perform 20% above industry average


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Higher Engagement


Higher Sales

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