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ATTENTION: the Metric that Matters

When we are conscious, we are constantly aware of our surroundings (even if we don’t think we are), nevertheless, there are only so many hours our cognitive functions will allow us to remain focused for. Particularly, during day-to-day activities we will often trade our attention for subsidized content - therefore, the more time spent giving attention to media channels etc. the less time and cognitive resources we have to apply ourselves to other tasks.

For example, when looking at an advert that is printed in a magazine or a brand logo. They don't always have our full attention, although, we have a 100% opportunity to see the advert, only 25% of consumers will be able to remember this advert after 24 hours. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your advert is not working...

Come and listen to us during the Buzz session at Whats Possible? 2020! We will be discussing how attention is the metric that matters. You won't want to miss it.

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