Test the subconscious power of your brand

Three key areas affect consumers’ daily decision making:

Identity (or the ‘self’) is daily trying to achieve a balance between the instinctual drive and the moral guardian. Thousands of decisions make up who we think we are and this complex task is deeply influenced by preconscious and unconscious forces.

The Moral Guardian ensures we behave in a socially acceptable way and that our choices fit with our values and beliefs. It strives for perfection and resides within the preconscious.
Deep within the unconscious resides the instinctual drive. It operates outside of right and wrong and knows no moral boundaries. Its objective is simple – to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

So here is an important test for your brand proposition – check how well your brand satisfies the key decision drivers by asking:

  • How well does my brand match how my core customers see themselves?
  • How well does my brand match how my core customers want to be seen by others?
  • How does my brand deliver pleasure or avoid pain?
  • Connecting with those subconscious forces means developing a longer lasting, stronger brand.