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What we learned at Quirks 2020

We had a great time at Quirks 2020 in London this week and would like to thank everyone who came along to see us. As you can see while Annett was hard at work presenting "How to get more ad attention in a world of dwindling attention spans', Chiara was sampling the free cocktails!

When you work in an industry as fast-paced as market research, it really is great to have a couple of days to get back up to speed on the latest trends, techniques and topics. Here are some of the things we learned:

Client Insight Managers are driving change

There were a lot of sessions showing how client insight managers are driving change in their insight functions and transforming the contribution research makes to the business. We all know one of the key challenges of market research is implementation and the distribution of knowledge is critical and it seems more and more research teams are demonstrating the value of market research throughout their organisations.

Speed of innovation is increasing

Having been to similar events in the last few years it was our impression that the speed of innovation is picking up. This is true mostly of technology solutions - better panel platforms, online qual, text analysis - there are more and more solutions with better functionality. An exciting time to be a market researcher!

The borders of quant and qual are blurring

An increasing number of large-scale quant solutions are able to generate insights into emotions and collect depth of information. Our own online NPD and pack solutions fall into this category. This allows clients to collect emotional insights at scale and at faster speeds - especially important for global projects.

Behavioural Science is a key growth area

We were surprised by the strong interest in our Behavioural Science tools. Clients from all sectors are interested in getting closer to what consumers really do and how they process information. Behavioural Science is one tool that can help across many areas of the business from brand health, over NPD to evaluation. Our own range of solutions shows how Behavioural Science adds value and increases the effectiveness of research.

If you missed our session on ad attention and how to drive it - here is a summary of the key points and a chance to download the deck.

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