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Emotional Logic provides Behavioural Science based consumer research that is proven to deliver commercial results.

We help clients understand consumer behaviour more deeply to provide products, services and content customers will love. Our combination of market research, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and neuroscience delivers actionable insight that leads to behaviour change and tangible business results. Our integrated approach gives brands the best of both worlds – cutting edge techniques applied expertly to deliver actionable results.

Eye tracking, fMRI, implicit testing – a plethora of techniques are available to measure subconscious reactions. But which work? How are they best applied? Benefit from our expertise as we have tested over 40 different techniques across categories and countries to identify which techniques are fit for purpose. We can help you uncover not only how System 1 thinking impacts buying behaviour in your category – but also how it integrates with System 2 thinking in real life consumer decisions.

Our techniques are statistically proven to be twice as strongly linked to actual behaviour. Although we use cutting-edge complex tools, each methodology is specifically designed to overcome a specific issue within your company, take a look at how our award-winning research solutions work and how they could benefit you.

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