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Is changing brand perceptions a waste of time?

Most marketing and brand managers measure brand perceptions. If in tracking reports perception scores improve and maybe even overtake competitors, we feel like we are winning. But do brand perceptions actually convert into sales?

Our research has found that most brands measure too many factors – the majority of which have no influence over sales. We can help you focus on those key indicators that will power sales.

If I change perceptions will sales increase?

This has been discussed in the research community for many years. There are some researchers who state that brand perceptions actually follow sales – so if consumers are induced to try a product (maybe through a promotion or free trial) then brand perceptions will change as a result. If you believe in this argument then running any kind of advertising with the objective to improve brand perceptions is a waste of money – just concentrate on getting the product out to as many people as possible.

But don’t cancel your ad campaigns yet.

Whether or not perceptions drive sales seems to be depending on product category.

In lower risk categories (e.g. food and drink) product purchase may come first and then perceptions change as a consequence of experience. In higher risk categories (e.g. personal care, cars, tech) research has shown that brand perceptions have to change first before sales then follow a month or so later. But even for this rule of thumb there are exceptions. Emotional Logic can help you identify whether brand perceptions are influencing sales for your category and your market(s). We analyse long-term market trend data for your product category to give a definitive answer specific to your brand.

Which brand perceptions have the strongest impact on sales?

So, let’s assume you are operating in a market where perceptions drive sales. It is likely you will be measuring quite a range of different attitude and perception statements – which should you be focusing on? Also, are there perceptions you should be measuring but are not? Which factors have the strongest impact on sales?

Fact is, not all brand perceptions drive sales. In our own decade-long investigation we have found even statements that consumers say are very important to them often don’t influence sales. This is because consumers don’t really know why they do what they do.

Emotional Logic can help you identify those brand perceptions that definitely drive sales. Focusing on sales driving perceptions will help you grow market share faster and on a smaller budget. Drop us a line to find out more.

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