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Are you here for tourism? English Tourism Week encourages Brits to rebuild and revive

English Tourism Week is an annual celebration of English Tourism. And it appears to have come at the perfect time now that the Government’s roadmap is going ahead as planned. This event will kick-off the tourism season. This week-long celebration (22nd – 31st May, 2021), coordinated by VisitBritain, highlights the economic importance to local economies as well as raising awareness of the quality and range of products and services that businesses and trusts have to offer to encourage more domestic breaks post-pandemic.

VisitEngland director Andrew Stokes said: “Our annual event to celebrate and champion English tourism has never been more important, providing a timely opportunity to show the outstanding offer here on our doorstep as we head in to the critical summer season and to support local businesses and visitor attractions, who have lost months of vital trading, as they reopen and rebuild.”

English Tourism Week is important as it brings all of England’s tourism industry together under one big campaign. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we were not able to travel to prevent the spread of the virus so ETW went virtual in 2020 – but still gained a lot of traction. However, with the case numbers dropping and Government regulations loosening up, we can begin to go on day trips again and help build back up the tourism economy. Which is what A LOT of Brits plan to do!

VisitBritain have run a domestic tourism forecast throughout the whole pandemic to provide an estimate the impact the tourism sector has faced. In the latest forecast it shows that domestic tourism spending is estimated for a recovery to £51.4bn in Britain; which is up 51% in comparison to 2020. They are also estimating a £13.5bn in domestic overnight tourism spending, as well as a £38.6bn in leisure day trip spending.

Having said that, according to the VisitBritain Data (Wave 30), since the ease of the Government restriction, Brits are looking for their first adventure out and staycation with 22% of UK adults claiming to have planned and 17% to have already booked their next domestic overnight trip. And 14% are currently intending on taking a domestic overnight trip by the end of June.

The Yorkshire & Humber is the third most popular destination for an overnight domestic trip during spring periods with a 12% share. With Traditional coastal/seaside towns and countryside or village having significantly higher shares among both spring and summer intenders than other destination types too. So, if this is you, you know what you should be marketing!

Also, the likelihood to take day drips in the short term continues to increase with 25% of adults anticipating on doing so in the next 2 weeks. The day trippers are more likely to be visiting rural or coastal destinations, especially during spring and summer periods.

Over the next few months, outdoor areas (such as. beaches, mountains, trails.), outdoor leisure/sporting activities and predominately outdoor attractions are the most likely things to do. Brits feel safer being in the open outdoors instead of being indoors – this is perfect for tourist attractions such as The North Yorkshire Moors or the Lake District. Which, in the lead-up of English Tourism Week and bank holiday, it falls perfectly!

Tourism minister Nigel Huddleston said: “English tourism has so much to offer, from rural retreats to city breaks. I can’t wait to get out there exploring and I urge everyone to join me in supporting our fantastic tourism sector by taking a domestic holiday over the coming months.”

VisitEngland are encouraging people to share photos and social media posts to show support to the sector, in order to rebuild and revive, using the #EnglishToruismWeek21 or tagging @VisitEnglandBiz!

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