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Millennials are turning to veganism

Increased availability of plant-based alternatives is certainly a factor which has helped drive this huge growth but what are the reasons behind this?

Most vegans are young – it’s estimated that over 40% fall into the 15-34 age bracket and their main reason for choosing a vegan lifestyle is health, followed by environmental and animal welfare concerns.

Social media like Instagram have helped drive this phenomenon by making veganism look trendy and cool, thanks to influencers who have revamped the traditional image of the vegetarian or vegan and turned the avocado into the poster boy of this culinary revolution, with an increase in sales of Β£50 million in 2016 compared to the previous year.

Millennials are a vital audience for brands and a lifestyle full of excesses is no longer appealing for this generation as they become increasingly health-driven. Brands need to use the right messages to reach out to them if they want to stay relevant – at Emotional Logic we have looked into young people’s life attitudes and habits and we have found some more interesting results – for a closer look please visit our recent blog by following this link.

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