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LARIA’s One Day Conference

We had a fantastic time attending LARIA’s One Day Conference in Birmingham on Tuesday which focused on integrating health and social care. We were able to network with a wide range of like-minded individuals and uncover what this audience really require.

Throughout the day there was a series of talks and workshops discussing the implications for research, analysis and intelligence. It has opened our eyes about the massive range of outstanding and innovative work with data that is going on across local government, particularly, the talk Jill Mortimer held on β€˜The importance of housing for health and care’. Jill discussed the impact that housing has on people’s independence, well-being as well as personal health care requirements – houses need to be fit for future needs, not just current. Although, there is research available looking at the links between health, care and housing it is essential to discover what local research can be done to help support this issue we are facing to enable housing agencies to target their work efficiently and successfully. This is something Emotional Logic can help overcome, Get in touch today!

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