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Webinar: How to improve your website performance through behavioural science

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About this webinar

Online shopping is at a record high and more and more of our lives are moving into the virtual world. But is your website delivering the results you want for your business or organisation? Could it work harder to keep viewer attention or induce action? Behavioural Science can help you dramatically improve the performance of your site.

Browsing and buying in a virtual world is very different from going to a physical outlet.

In-store shoppers are twice as likely to make impulse purchases and they are also far more likely to convert once they have touched a physical product – while an online cart is fairly easy to abandon.

Traditional A/B testing tells you which version of your page converts better – but does not clearly explain why. Meaning you may not be able to replicate success. Behavioural Science explains how consumers interact with your site and lets you learn key principles that you can apply throughout your site to increase attention, engagement and clicks.

In this webinar we will show you how online shopping differs from in-store and key behavioural principles that you can apply to your website design to convert more clicks.

What you will learn:

  • How online shopping differs from in-store experiences
  • 3 Key things your website must do
  • Behavioural nudges you can build into your website

Presented by: Annett Pecher

Annett is Co-Founder of Emotional Logic, one of Britain’s fastest growing research agencies. Annett and her team apply Behavioural Economics to research design to deliver actionable insight with high commercial return. An approach that has won five research awards in the last 3 years.

She has 20 years’ experience delivering international research programmes for clients such as Jaguar Land Rover, Unilever and the British Heart Foundation.

Annett is passionate about uncovering the balance of emotion and logic that drives consumer decisions.

About Emotional Logic

Emotional Logic provides behavioural science-based consumer insight proven to deliver commercial results. Human beings switch seamlessly between unconscious, emotional gut reactions and logical step by step thinking. Traditional market research techniques only reveal part of the picture. Emotional Logic combines established market research techniques with tools from neuroscience and psychology to discover what really drives behaviour. Our unique approach has won multiple awards in the last 3 years and is proven to be twice as effective at predicting consumer behaviour than other techniques. In a decade of behavioural science-based research we have integrated over 30 tools into our tool box to deliver effective and reliable measurement for comms optimization, packaging design, purchase motivation, NPD and shopper insight.

The result for you is more power to influence consumer behaviour.

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