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My plastic (not quite) free week

I saved 10 cups, 7 water bottles and 11 pieces of cutlery last week by simply taking my own. Equipped with my e-coffee cup, chilly water bottle and reusable cutlery set I did my usual weekly tour of England. I did not actually go completely plastic free (as some of the food I bought still came in plastic packaging) but I bought food in cardboard boxes when possible and certainly reduced my footprint.

What at first seemed like a lot of hassle (carrying all that stuff?) was actually quite easy and within a couple of days I settled into a new routine (telling servers that I don’t need cutlery, looking for a place to top up my water bottle).

Overhearing two fellow diners in Pret complaining that a vegan friendly place has plastic cutlery reminded me that if you want change – be the change. And in my little way I will keep going.

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