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Webinar: Where next for food & drink? New missions and mealtimes.

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Behavioural Insight Seminar

The lockdown has dramatically shifted consumer’s relationship with food and drink. An increased focus on health and wellbeing is balanced against the urge for comfort eating. Consumers want to live more in harmony with the planet but at the same time need to cut back their spending. So which of the trends that are emerging are temporary and which are here to stay?

Listen to Behavioural Experts Emotional Logic during this webinar to review newly emerging behaviours and forecasts for the future.

Change is Opportunity

With consumer behaviour in flux this is an opportunity to influence the buying patterns of tomorrow. If you understand the drivers and motivations behind current trends your have the opportunity to win new customers and embed your products as new long-term habits. Emotional Logic is a specialist Consumer Behaviour agency and has been monitoring buying and consumption patterns with our COVID-19 Tracker since March. We have seen new behaviours emerge and will share some of those key trends in this webinar.

Your Speaker

Annett Pecher is Director of Emotional Logic and a leading Consumer Behaviour Expert with more than 15 years’ experience. She has been leading major international research projects using cutting edge methodologies including neuro science and psychology for brands such as Unilever, Mondelez and Kellogg’s. Annett has developed several award-winning research methods that allow Emotional Logic’s clients to identify emerging consumer behaviour early and support NPD programmes with agile and reliable testing.

What you will learn

  • How lockdown has changed our relationship with food and drink
  • Distinguish long-term trends from short term skews
  • Emerging new consumption situations
  • Who and when – benefits of precision targeting
  • Forecast: Which behaviours will endure beyond the pandemic

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