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We did it!

Emotional Logic won the 2018 Market Research Society Award for New Consumer Insight for a project delivered for Dennis, Haymarket, Bauer and Immediate Media. This is what the judges said about our paper:

This paper is an excellent example of the truly modern holistic research project: innovative survey techniques, combined with eye-tracking and behavioural economics thinking, delivering directly actionable insights into car-buying behaviour – which led to real change in behaviour and growth in the UK motoring manufacture and media sector.

Here is a short summary of the project:

In an industry first, the four leading publishers of UK motoring media, Immediate Media, Dennis, Haymarket and Bauer Media, joined forces with Emotional Logic to deliver new insight into how motoring media and car advertising affect car buying behaviour.

In order to measure both the conscious and subconscious effects of media exposure we had to think outside of existing methodologies and developed an innovative approach: We conducted a large scale online experiment and supported this with a new application for eye tracking.

This study provides critical new insight into how motoring magazines influence car buyers during the purchasing journey. We also discovered the β€˜priming effect’ of car advertising in motoring magazines. The car brand advert brings the brand top of mind which then significantly increases attention paid to the editorial, an effect that was only measurable through the custom methodology applied.

We provide evidence that this study delivered directly actionable insights for media owners, car manufacturers and media agencies and had a major impact on how the sector views the role of motoring magazines in the buying process. The findings also influenced strategic decision-making and allowed motoring magazines to increase their advertising page volume by 15% in a static market.

If you would like further information about the case study – or talk to us about getting more high quality insight out of your next project please email:

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