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Webinar: Understanding the Post-COVID Consumer

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The COVID-19 pandemic and months of living in lockdown have changed how consumers buy and use products and services. Join Behavioural Science experts Emotional Logic as we identify the new emerging shopper types and their attitudes towards shopping and leisure activities. New evidence from UK, US and European consumer research reveals the psychological shifts that have occurred and their impact on short and long-term consumption behaviour across categories. An important session for brands, retailers and destinations - watch now.

Post-COVID Consumer Webinar

What we will cover:

  • How COVID-19 has changed buying behaviour
  • New, emerging shopper types and their needs
  • Implications for brands, retailers and destinations

Presented by: Annett Pecher

Annett Pecher is Director of Emotional Logic and a leading Consumer Behaviour Expert with more than 15 years’ experience. She has been leading major international research projects using cutting edge methodologies including neuro science and psychology across 20 international markets.

Annett has developed several award-winning research methods that allow Emotional Logic’s clients to identify emerging consumer behaviour early and support sales strategy, NPD and brand programmes with agile and reliable consumer insight.

About Emotional Logic

Emotional Logic provides behavioural science-based consumer insight proven to deliver commercial results. Human beings switch seamlessly between unconscious, emotional gut reactions and logical step by step thinking. Traditional market research techniques only reveal part of the picture. Emotional Logic combines established market research techniques with tools from neuroscience and psychology to discover what really drives behaviour. Our unique approach has won multiple awards in the last 3 years and is proven to be twice as effective at predicting consumer behaviour than other techniques. In a decade of behavioural science-based research we have integrated over 30 tools into our tool box to deliver effective and reliable measurement for comms optimization, packaging design, purchase motivation, NPD and shopper insight.

The result for you is more power to influence consumer behaviour.

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