Change is an opportunity – are you seizing it?

Consumer behaviour is shifting dramatically. COVID19, the lockdown, the coming recession – all alter the way people shop, live and spend their leisure time. There will be no return to normal – for your organisation to survive and thrive you must adjust your business model and marketing to the newly emerging trends.

There are many changes happening all at once. Many trends that are being talked about are conflicting. You need to adjust your business model but how do you distinguish a short term skew from a long-term trend? How do you know which trends even apply to your business?

Consumer behaviour is in flux

Consumer habits are changing – and this is an opportunity to win new customers and shape the repeat buying patterns of tomorrow. We have already seen several sales spikes for different products and services from online streaming to bicycles. Get your organisation geared up to make the most of the times ahead by understanding how consumer behaviour is changing and why.

A Virtual Trends Workshop from leading Behavioural Experts

Our Virtual COVID-19 Trends Workshop helps you navigate uncertain times and gives you the skills and confidence to make decisions to move your organisation forward. Learn from one from Europe’s leading , multi-award winning Behavioural Insight agencies. Give your teams the confidence to make decisions in the face of uncertainty by understanding what is happening around them. We are running workshops for brands, destinations, retailers, charities, leisure venues and manufacturers.

How it works

The workshop is tailored around your product or service offer. One of our Behavioural Analysts will identify your core markets, audiences and objectives. Our team then develops the workshop materials. The workshop covers global trends and then applies those to your specific industry sector and your market position. The content is stimulating, thought-provoking nd highly relevant for your team.

What you will learn

There are a lot of changes in consumer behaviour – but not all of them are long-term trends. The workshop will tell you how to distinguish short terms skews from long term trends. Your organisation can benefit from both – but they do require different strategies. We help you assess which of the emerging new behaviours impact on your organisation and whether they represent threats or opportunities, or both. The workshop will help you navigate the current climate of constant flux and also allow you to repackage your existing products and services to maximise sales, identify opportunities to win new customers and develop new products and services.

Results you can expect

Your team will leave the workshop energised and confident to make decisions under uncertain circumstances. We held a series of similar workshops after the 2008 recession and organisations who took part are still outperforming the industry average by 15-25%.

Change is coming – be prepared. Enquire now.


Don’t ask consumers what they want, make your product their new habit. Book your free demo now.

Case Study


A retail destination wanted to understand how current shifts in shopping behaviour will impact on footfall, dwell time and visit frequency of the future. With this strong move to online what can a destination do to attract shoppers to physical stores?

New Insight:

The session focused on global trends as well as specific local changes in shopping behaviour. We clearly identified demographics and stores least affected by the shift to digital allowing the destination clarity on which audience segments to target and what the most effective messages are.


Our methodology combines

Virtual Workshop

Interactive, idea-provoking workshop for your team that will help them navigate the 'new normal', adjust strategies to new conditions and spot opportunities for growth.

Trend Analysis

Identify shifts in consumer behaviour and learn how they impact on your market and your organisation.

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