In order to influence consumer behaviour, we first have to understand what drives it.

The problem is: most consumers don’t know why they do what they do. Consumption behaviours are automatic habits driven by need-states even the consumer is often unaware of.

Did you know that your packaging only has 2 seconds to grab the shopper’s attention?

The Packaging Optimiser uses a combination of advanced research techniques to measure how shoppers really react (both consciously and subconsciously) to your packaging. This innovative technique helps you to significantly increase attention, engagement and conversion levels – resulting in more sales. 

This tool is used for testing packaging designs as well as during new product development.

Our Packaging Optimiser allows you to understand how your pack performs within the retail context and in comparison to competitors. Emotional Logic can help you quantify sales impact of individual design elements as well as decode how your packaging attracts and engages with shoppers.

Case Study


A multi-national food manufacturer had launched a pack design that had tested well in standard pack testing (with another research provider). On launch the pack fell significantly behind the forecasted sales impact. Emotional Logic was asked to test a second redesign of the pack and confirm whether the design investment would generate a significant enough sales increase and improve shelf standout.

New Insight:

Eye tracking during the shelf test revealed which of the three new designs was attracting attention within those critical 2 seconds. It also clearly showed which pack design elements were getting the key messages across and converting shoppers. Due to our more detailed test results we recommended a combination of elements from different designs that would increase standout and sales. This saved on the re-launch budget as pack changes were smaller than anticipated. The relaunched pack now achieves the required sales targets for the line.


Our methodology combines

Eye Tracking

Reveals what captures shoppers’ attention and what triggers pack engagement.

Message Decoding

Pinpoint the design elements responsible for conscious and subconscious pack messages.

Conjoint Analysis

Measure the impact individual pack design elements have on sales conversion.

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