Consumer lifestyles are changing at rapid pace. Geodemographic (postcode) based targeting alone no longer explains motivations and behaviours.

Emotional Logic’s segmentation system brings together leading geodemographic information with current consumer lifestyles and real time consumption behaviour for a more precise understanding of your audiences.

Our system provides you with interactive pen portraits as well as full profiles for each segment and clear media strategies on how best to target the audiences using digital and conventional channels.

This tool is ideal for identifying the right target for a new product, making your media schedule more efficient or layering additional insight on to your existing segmentation model.

Companies who use our segmentation models, either as stand-alone solution or layered onto their existing system have seen significantly improved ROI on marketing campaigns.

The end result is a clearer picture of who your core customers are and how to reach them most effectively.

Case Study


A tour operator providing specialist holiday experiences wanted to understand their core customer segments better. Emotional Logic was asked to profile existing customers so that targeted email campaigns could be developed to increase conversion rates for the additional services that operator was selling.

New Insight:

Analysis of demographic and booking behaviour had not resulted in clearly distinct audience segments. Our lifestyle analysis showed that consumers of a similar demographic and booking profile had very different life values and motivations for choosing their holidays. This added layer of insight allowed the tour operator to target their database with specific product messages that helped to double conversion rates for add-on services.


Our methodology combines

Geo-demographic profiling

Maximise the appeal of your product or service by understanding the geographic and demographic distribution of your audience or catchment.

Lifestyle and Values

Understand what is important to consumers on a conscious and subconscious level and match brand values with the needs and desires of your audience.

Consumption Patterns

Understand online and offline shopping behaviours, leverage consumer purchase motivations and reveal the purchase process and key touchpoints.

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