The majority of new products fail to find long-term success. Will your new innovations make it past the 12-month mark?

To achieve long-term adoption of a new product requires consumers to change their current behaviours. Our process helps you generate ideas for innovation, screen innovation concepts, accurately predict future sales and refine product features and packaging to maximise appeal. And if your team is working in different locations – no problem the process has been fully adjusted to remote working. We support your NPD process at any stage from initial idea to fully designed prototype. Using our tools results in new product launches with a significantly higher chance of long-term success.

For long-term success you need to change consumer habits

People may well like a new product, may even try it – but for long-term success we need them to change their habits. At Emotional Logic we approach NPD for what it is – behavioural change. We identify what people get out of their current consumption and usage habits and what is holding their product and brand preferences in place. We then give you the tools to unhook those current habits and stimulate behavioural change.

Award-winning, agile and cost effective tool suite for all explicit and implicit testing needs

Our digital tool suite can be implemented 100% online and delivers deep insight including implicit purchase drivers in a fast, easy accessible format and with directly actionable results.

Our research significantly improves your chance of a successful product launch

Does it work? The vast majority of clients who have completed our NPD process commission their next project with us within 3 months and continue to work with us over many years. Products launched based on our research achieve or overachieve their sales targets and many have gone on to become long-term top sellers for their owners.

Don’t ask consumers what they want, make your product their new habit. Book your free demo now.



Case Study


An FMCG brand was looking to increase their market share and grow the category they were operating in by activating new consumption situations. Emotional Logic was asked to screen, then test and refine a number of new product ideas for their potential to change consumer behaviour and activate growth for both the brand and the category.

New Insight:

Like many FMCG purchases this category was very habit driven with consumers reaching for 2-3 brands without really taking notice of new options. Our Motivation Deep Dive revealed what held existing behaviours in place and how to unhook those habits. We tested product concepts for appeal and ability to attract attention at point of purchase. This enabled the brand to develop a strong new product concept that will disrupt the category and create new consumption occasions.


Our methodology combines

Motivation Deep Dive

Apply language patterns from Neuro Linguistic Programming to reveal the underlying emotional drivers that influence purchasing.

Eye Tracking

Reveals what captures shoppers’ attention in an online or offline retail environment and what triggers engagement and impacts on conversion.

Implicit Pack Messages

Discover the subconscious messages that your packaging is conveying and understand more deeply how your design influences the audience.

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