Our award-winning Motivation Deep Dive will help you shift behaviour and influence audiences

We are all creatures of habit. Our behaviour is driven by unconscious influences (System 1 reactions) that cannot be tackled with traditional messages. If you are tasked with any kind of behavioural change programme you need to understand the psychology of your audience.

People know what to do, but don’t do it

We don’t need to tell people that smoking is bad for their health, or that more exercise would make them live longer. People know the facts. The reason why they are not taking up desired behaviours is because unconscious emotional drivers are keeping them trapped in current habits. To truly change behaviour, we need to identify what is driving current habits – something our award-winning Motivation Deep Dive delivers reliably.

How to make sure your message is effective

Audiences suffer from confirmation bias – they hear and see what fits with their current beliefs and filter out or distort messages that don’t fit. In order to truly change behaviour we need find the root cause and shift the beliefs that hold it in place. Emotional Logic’s unique Behavioural Change Model will help you do just that. It works every time – whether you are looking for a small or momentous shift in behaviour.

The end result is a communication campaign that delivers the change you want to see.

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Case Study


A major health charity experienced problems converting awareness for the cause into support and donations. Although people saw it as a worthwhile cause, they were prioritising other charities. Emotional Logic was asked how the charity could get people to turn their positive intentions into action.

New Insight:

Our Motivation Deep Dive technique revealed that consumers connected with the charity rationally but not emotionally. They understood the need but did not feel a connection with the cause. This was due to the imagery used in communication.

A revised brand image and new communication campaign generated double digit growth in fundraising income over several years.


Our methodology combines

NLP Depth Interviews

Apply language patterns from Neuro Linguistic Programming to allow respondents to reveal the underlying drivers of their behaviour.

Implicit Testing

Identify unconscious biases your audiences are holding. This will help you develop messages that cut through the noise.

Correlation Analysis

Statistical analysis measures which emotions drive behaviour. Ensuring focus on emotions that make a difference.

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