Join us at Quirk’s London, 2022

We’re heading to London! The Emotional Logic team will be exhibiting and Director, Annett Pecher will be presenting for the third year in a row! It’s been a long time since our last ‘real life‘ event so its only natural we’re having to go all out…

Quirk’s will be held at the InterContinental O2 (which has a great view of the River Thames), on the 4-5th of May 2022.

Don’t be shy, say hello!

We’re a cheery bunch and are always open to a conversation! There’s going to be plenty of exciting things happening so make sure to pop round to booth 709 and check it out.

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P.s. we can’t wait!

Meet us at Quirks 2022

Join us for our session!

How to understand and influence consumer behaviour – 4th May @ 10-10:30am

To influence the behaviour of your customers, you first have to understand what drives it.

Whether you are trying to win new customers for your brand, launch a new product or get consumers to adopt a more healthy lifestyle – any of your goals are likely to involve someone having to change their behaviour. If you have ever tried to change your own behaviour (Veganuary maybe?) you will know how difficult this is. One of the reasons behavioural change can be tricky is that we all have a conscious mind but also an unconscious mind – so while the conscious mind is deciding to go meat free, your unconscious mind continues dreaming of burgers.

We’ll share the best approaches for understanding and predicting consumer behaviour through highlighting the tangible benefits behavioural research delivers to business performance. Oh, and the bottom line results from our 2021 Market Research Society Award Winning case study!

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