We have been delivering award-winning research solutions that go deeper than surface opinions for more than a decade.

Our solutions reveal what drives brand relationships, makes advertising work and motivates people to act.

Emotional Logic was established in 2007 by Annett Pecher and Helen Powell with the goal to enable clients to understand consumer behaviour more deeply. As a company we embarked on a mission to deliver better research – we learned how emotions are researched in other fields such as psychology, neuroscience, coaching and developed a set of unique new research tools. Tools that use the latest thinking but deliver practical and affordable solutions for brands, retailers, charities, destinations and the public sector.

As one of the pioneers of Behavioural Science-based consumer research we have unrivalled experience across categories, markets and applications.

We can help you get better insight from your research budget.

Get Results Not Jargon

We help you apply cutting edge tools in a practical and affordable way to deliver actionable insight.

Eye tracking, fMRI, implicit testing – a plethora of techniques are available to measure subconscious reactions. But which work? How are they best applied?

Benefit from our expertise as we have tested over 40 different techniques across categories and countries to identify which techniques are fit for purpose. Our integrated approach gives you the best of both worlds – cutting edge techniques applied expertly so they deliver actionable insight in an affordable way.

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